Report A Typo


Unfortunately, books will, more often than not, contain typos. Whether produced by a small press or a giant New York publishing house, these little annoyances will sometimes creep through, bypassing the close scrutiny of editors. After all, they are only human. Of course, editorial departments – big and small – strive to keep this from happening if at all possible.

Still, it happens…And, when discovered, these typos are noted and corrected in subsequent printings of a book.

Hence, the reason for this form. If you have spotted a typo in a WillowTree Press book, we want to know about it so that it can be corrected in future printings of that title. Please note that this form is for reporting TYPOS. It is not a forum for reviewing a book, complaining about a particular author’s style, or suggesting alternate storylines/additional materials.


  1. Use the form below. Your name and email are NOT required, however, if the typo you submit is one that has not yet been corrected and/or submitted, and is determined to be an actual typo, WillowTree Press will email you a gift certificate for use in our online bookstore as a thank you.
  2. Remember that earlier printings of a book are more likely to have typos than later printings where they have already been corrected. Typos from earlier printings have most likely been corrected in subsequent print runs, however you should still feel free to submit a report anyway in the event that the particular issue may have been missed.
  3. Regarding printing histories – The exception to item #2: Please do NOT submit typos from first printing copies of Harm None: A Rowan Gant Investigation. We are well aware, and have publicly stated on numerous occasions that those first 2000 books were an erroneous print run produced from the wrong digital files, and are riddled with typos. The book was completely reformatted and better than 99% of those typos have already been corrected in the the subsequent reprint runs. (You may also want to note that if you actually own a first printing of Harm None, you are in possession of what is now a collector’s item.)
  4. Be polite. We have had typo reports submitted in the past where the person submitting elected to berate us and even resort to using some very derogatory language in describing our editorial staff. First, this gains you no points with us. Second, it is simply unnecessary and has no bearing on the typo nor the correction of same.
  5. Please note that while you are encouraged to submit anything you believe to be a typo, determination of the report validity remains the sole discretion of the WillowTree Press Editorial Staff and the author of the given book. In some instances, what may be perceived as a typo by some readers is merely a style choice on the part of the author. These style issues can include, but are not limited to, such things as the use of optional punctuation, non-standard punctuation, non-standard capitalization, and intentional grammatical anomalies in dialogue or narrative, and layout/formatting choices.


Typo/Error Report Form

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