A Death On Sunday

May 29, 2014

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A DEATH ON SUNDAY, the debut novel from Tish Owen (author of the non-fiction titles Chasing the Rainbow and Spell it Correctly) is scheduled for general release September 2014. ARC’s are currently available in hardcopy and e-format to reviewers. If you are a reviewer who is not on our list and would be interested in this title, contact Wendy at promo_dept@willowtreepress.com.

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When trouble comes knocking, Tessely Anne Marie Maher invites it in without a second thought…

On a lovely spring day, violence intrudes on Tess Maher’s world: her best friend, running buddy and possible soul-mate, Chick Donnelly, is shot and killed practically right before her eyes. At first glance, his death appears to be a hunting accident, but she and her brother, the county sheriff, quickly rule that out and Tess is all but certain that Chick is the victim of foul play. As she investigates the crime, she is plunged into a world of murder, greed, betrayal, and terror–all of which eventually makes her at target as she works to bring the killer to justice.

But what the person who took Chick’s life doesn’t know is exactly who he’s dealing with: a pissed off, grief-stricken, gun-toting woman who is described by her own mother as tenacious as a pit bull with a bone, and that doesn’t even count the fact that she has a peculiar habit of talking to the dead.

Really big trouble is knocking on the killer’s door, and her name is Tess…

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