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They say dead men tell no tales. I really wish that was true, because the dead tell me more than I ever wanted to know.

My name is Rowan Gant. I’m just an average guy…well, except for the fact that I’m a Witch. That last part is the reason I’m the go-to-guy for the local cops whenever a murder is a little beyond the pale and they need a consultant with knowledge of the Occult. I didn’t actually want the job, but apparently the job wanted me.

It all started when I was asked to decipher some symbols found at a crime scene. The police needed answers, and as it turns out so did I. You see, fate being what it is I had a personal connection to the victim when she was still among the living. It gets worse, though… The images in the crime scene photos gave me a sick feeling that the killer wasn’t finished. I could see—even feel—what was coming next, and it was not going to be good.

In fact, it was going to be downright evil…

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Take one part twisted sociopath and add a double shot of psychosis-fueled misinterpretations of Bible scripture and prophecy, then toss in a copy of a fifteenth-century Witch hunting manual known as the Malleus Maleficarum. Mix well. What do you get? An even more twisted sociopath who now believes he is on a divine mission from God to single-handedly resurrect the Inquisition of medieval Europe—and he is armed with the instructions for doing so.

Set him loose on the world and he becomes a serious problem.

Set him loose in Saint Louis and he becomes my serious problem.

My name is Rowan Gant. The police call me their “Occult Practices and Alternative Religions Consultant.” That is just their media-friendly spin on what I really am—that being the unofficial Witch of the Major Case Squad.

You see, there is a bit more to me than just a cranium filled with arcane knowledge of religious history and the occult. I also have this unwanted affliction—I can hear the voices of the dead. To be specific, I hear murder victims crying out to me from the dark hereafter. The more heinous their deaths, the louder they are. Not all Witches can hear them. I’m just unlucky that way, I guess.

At any rate, you can rest assured, given the torture and murder spree this latest psycho is on, the din inside my head right now is damn near unbearable…

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Apparently coming toe-to-toe with two different spree killers in less than two years can cause you to suffer from PTSD—or so they tell me. I suppose I can’t really argue the point since I actually do have all of the associated symptoms. Unfortunately, I have even more trauma and stress coming my way, courtesy of a serial sexual predator that is prowling Saint Louis, and he has just added homicide to his resume. I know this because a dead college cheerleader told me all about it.

I guess that last comment sort of begs an explanation, doesn’t it?

To make a long story short, my name is Rowan Gant. The spirits of murder victims talk to me—actually, scream at me would be a better description. The police seem to find this curse of mine useful, so they call me in to help out from time-to-time. On the paperwork it says I’m their “Occult Practices and Alternative Religions Consultant.” That’s the fancy title for the brass and the media; not that they’re fooled, mind you. Everyone knows that what I really am is the unofficial Witch of the Major Case Squad.

But back to those voices… Some are louder than others. Some are more insistent that I help them move on. And others…well, others are downright demanding and won’t take no for an answer. They do more than just talk. They crawl inside my skin, and then things getreally weird.

Like right now with this dead cheerleader, for instance. She takes demanding to a whole new level, and ever since she showed up I haven’t been feeling at all like myself. To be honest, I’m not sure I even know who I really am anymore…

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No good deed goes unpunished, but that hasn’t stopped me yet.

My name is Rowan Gant. I’m a Witch with an unfortunate gift—I can hear the voices of the dead. Not just any dead, mind you. I hear the spirits of murder victims. Personally, I think of it as a curse. The cops, on the other hand, consider my uncommon talent an invaluable investigative tool, which is why I often work for them as a consultant. Too often, unfortunately, and believe me, it is taking a serious toll…

Just over one year ago I was called in to help the Major Case Squad track down Eldon Andrew Porter, a spree killer determined to resurrect the Witch hunts, trials, and executions of the 15th century. He left a string of tortured bodies and screaming souls in his wake, and then he turned his violent attentions to me. Fortunately, I survived our face-to-face encounter, though just barely. After that, Porter disappeared—vanished without a trace—and he stayed that way. Until now, that is…

Eldon Porter is not the kind of fanatical sociopath who simply gives up, and to be honest, I never believed he would. I’ve been expecting this all along. Now he is intent on giving me a one-way ticket to Hell, with an extended preview right here on Earth. But he should make no mistake—if I’m going, I have absolutely no intention of taking the trip alone.

If I have to kill him before he kills me, I will. Whatever it takes, I am going to end this…

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My name is Rowan Gant, and it has been far too many days since I have heard the voices inside my head… No, I’m not insane—at least I hope I’m not. Actually, what  I am is a Witch with a rare talent, even for Witches. I can hear the voices of the dead—murder victims, to be specific. Personally, I consider it less a talent and more a curse, especially given all the grief it brings me. But the cops think otherwise, which is why I find myself consulting for them on a regular basis. In fact, the running joke is that they should just go ahead and give me a badge. I sometimes fear they might make good on that threat.

However, like I said, it has been a while since any dead people have so much as given me the time of day. I’ll be honest, even though I never really wanted them to talk to me in the first place, now that they have stopped it seems almost like a piece of me is missing—a big piece.

As fate would have it, at the same time I’ve become persona non grata with the dead, it looks as if a serial killer is at work in the St. Louis area. The murders are pretty heinous, too, and that’s just the sort of thing that usually turns the rumbling chatter of the victims into a deafening roar and a blinding migraine for yours truly…but not this time, and I have no Earthly—or even unearthly—idea why.

What I do know is the Major Case Squad could benefit from my help on this, but I’ve got nothing to give them. Nothing at all… Unfortunately, it seems that there is now someone else with my rare affliction instead of me.

I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I want my curse back…

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I have this unusual problem on my hands—a female serial killer…a female sexual predator serial killer, to be exact. That makes her not only unusual, but incredibly rare as well. She has an intense appetite for sadistic kink when it comes to the demise of her prey, and she definitely doesn’t constrain herself to just “whips and chains,” if you get my meaning.

I’m sure you are wondering what makes her my personal problem. Well…that’s kind of a long story, so I’ll just give you the high points.

My name is Rowan Gant, and I’m a consultant for the Greater Saint Louis Major Case Squad. It’s a sometimes rocky partnership, but in general the cops find me useful to have around since I can hear the voices of the dead. Talking to “ghosts” is a bizarre affliction, yes, even for a Witch like me, but I’ve learned to live with it—sort of. Mind you, I’m not at all happy about this curse of mine, but it’s not like I have any say in the matter. I didn’t choose it… It chose me. The worst part, though, is that every single time I help the police with a case, the psychic garbage that comes along with it follows me home.

And, that brings me back around to the homicidal sociopath in high heels. There is more going on with her than just your average crazy, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.Not yet, anyway… I’m pretty sure that’s why I’ve got an extra bad feeling about this one—a very extra bad feeling. In fact, I think this mess is going to do more than simply follow me home. I think it is planning to move in

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How about this for a dark night of the soul: I’m angry, I’m confused, I’m exhausted, I’ve been betrayed, and the one person who matters to me more than my very life has been taken away—all because I listen.

I’m Rowan Gant, and I’m a Witch who has the misfortune of being able to hear the voices of the dead. Not just any Witch can do that, but rest assured I don’t consider it a gift. Truth is, I think of it as a curse, and I’m not at all happy about it—especially right now. You see, I’ve been using my unwanted ability for several years to help the police track down thereally bad guys. The worst of the worst… Spree killers, serial killers, you name it. I’ve purposely dragged myself through the depths of Hell time and time again, all for what I saw as the greater good—stopping deranged killers and saving innocent lives

Now, after all that, the cops I’ve helped are turning their backs on me. My best friend—former best friend now—just walked my wife out of our house in handcuffs. She is being charged with a homicide he knows damn well she did not commit. I do too, because I know my wife. Besides, I know exactly who the real killer is—Miranda.

But, the cops aren’t listening. In fact, they won’t even talk to me. I’ve become persona non grata to the law enforcement community that once came to me for help.

So I guess I’m going to have to find this Miranda bitch all by myself. Maybe that’s a good thing, because if I’m not playing on their team, then I’m not playing by their rules anymore either…

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Getting lost is easy when you chase shadows in the dark, but when you do it on your own, with no official sanction, and on unfamiliar ground, getting dead can be an even bigger worry.

Post-Katrina New Orleans is a far cry from Saint Louis where this all began, and chasing a twisted, Hoodoo-magic-practicing, female serial killer here, then playing hide-and-seek with her throughout this flood-ravaged city isn’t something I’d normally consider doing… However, here I am, with no authority, no backup, and breaking all the rules—including my own. What can I say? We do what we must, and for me, this goes beyond a mere imperative.  The life and sanity of someone I hold dear hinges on it.

My name is Rowan Gant. I’m a Witch with an unfortunate curse—I can hear the voices of the dead. As you probably guessed by the fact that I call it a curse, I’m not overly fond of the affliction. It brings me nothing but grief, including a second career consulting for the police to help track down killers, mostly because the dead people who do the loudest talking are the victims of those very same killers.

But this time it’s different. I’m off the books, and the cops aren’t very happy about that. I’m also chasing someone who appears to have even more clout with the dead than I do, and that definitely doesn’t bode well. However, she made a big mistake—she came after my wife. When she crossed that line, she started something I don’t think she expected.

Now, I’m going to finish it, even if she kills me

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Hell has a way of changing a person; I’m proof of that, because I’ve spent the last several years there—figuratively, of course—although I sometimes wonder if there really is any difference. Am I living proof? Well, that remains to be seen. I’m alive, yes, but I’m not sure I’m what you would call living.

My name is Rowan Gant, and I’m a Witch. Unfortunately, I’m not just your average, run-of-the-mill Witch. I’m afflicted with a horrible curse—I can hear the voices of the dead. Murder victims for the most part… The more heinous their deaths, the louder they scream inside my head, and that’s my E-ticket ride on the proverbial “lake of fire.” Trust me, skip it and go for the roller coaster.

The voices in my head are also why I used to have a love-hate relationship with the police. Most of them thought I was certifiable, and to be honest, I’m not so sure they were wrong. A few were more open-minded about my ability. Even so, love me or hate me, they all agreed on one thing—I cleared cases for them. 

But, that was then… I’m retired now, and I’m putting all of that behind me. They say the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long… If that’s true, I must have burned like a blowtorch, because I’ve got nothing left to give; not even a spark. I just want to go back to normal. I want to return to the days before the spirits of the dead started using me as a marionette in the world of the living.

So, like I said, I’m retired now, or that’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.

You see, there’s a little snag in my new life plans—apparently the dead won’t accept my resignation…

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How do you kill someone who has already been dead for better than 150 years? Weird question, I know, but I’m serious, believe me.

My name is Rowan Gant, and I’m the Unofficial Witch of the Saint Louis Major Case Squad. I was branded with that title for two reasons: I’m a Witch, and I consult for the police. You see, I’m not a normal Witch. I’m afflicted with a terrible curse—I can hear the voices of the dead. The loudest are always those of murder victims, hence the gig with the cops. Honestly, it has brought me nothing but trouble—like the need to kill someone who is already dead, for instance.

Some months back I was involved in an investigation that culminated in the capture of a sadistic serial killer who called herself Mistress Miranda. The thing is, the woman who is now behind bars is Annalise Devereaux. She’s not innocent in this, trust me, but Miranda herself is the real problem. Long story short—Miranda is the spirit of a long dead, 19th century serial killer, and spirits aren’t deterred by prison bars and razor wire. Sounds crazy, I know, but it gets even weirder. It turns out that Annalise is a half-sister my wife never even knew she had until this mess hit the fan and the sins of the father were laid bare.

However, don’t let the soap opera of adultery and illegitimate siblings fool you. This is a real horror story; just ask the victims… Better yet, just ask me. You see, now that Miranda’s corporeal host is behind bars, she is looking for a new body to use, and she’s keeping it in the family—by that, I mean she has set her sights on my wife, Felicity, and I don’t intend to let that happen.

 Unfortunately, how this drama plays out may not be up to me at all…

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In 1975 the small town of Hulis was ground zero in a frantic search for 10 year-old Merrie Frances Callahan, as well as an intense manhunt for her abductor.

35 years later, it seems the FBI would like to pretend it never happened.

Special Agent Constance Mandalay didn’t get that memo…


IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER is based on the short teaser novella MERRIE AXEMAS: A Killer Holiday Tale, but it tells the whole story of ten-year-old Merrie Frances Callahan’s 1975 abduction, and the present day murders that are somehow intricately linked to that event.

SA Constance Mandalay is assigned what appears to be a 7-year-old cold case that echos the events of the 35-year-old child abduction. Unfortunately for all involved, the case heats up for a short time each year with a brutal murder that appears eerily staged, and occurs under impossible circumstances.

Undaunted, she faces the task with no backup, a mysteriously redacted case file, and the inevitable murder fast approaching.

Mandalay’s experience as the handler for an FBI occult/paranormal expert makes her the perfect choice for this investigation. However, even her brushes with the unexplained still cannot prepare her for the answer she was not supposed to discover…

Retail: $18.95 Trade Paperback 

Utterly Wicked


Most magical practitioners won’t even discuss them. Why? Because they’d much rather find a positive solution that benefits all concerned. And, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Occasionally, though, our problems are such that nothing in the positive solution arena will handle them. It’s time to make a decision to stand tough, be strong, and take definitive action to defend ourselves. And, if you’re ready to do that-if you’re ready to own that action and take responsibility for it-then Utterly Wicked is the book for you!

Jam-packed with more than one hundred rituals, incantations, hexes and curses, this book is the quintessential primer for learning all those magical tricks that no one wants to talk about. Do you know the proper way to enter a cemetery? Utterly Wicked tells you how, as well as the proper methods for collecting and using graveyard dirt. Explore the little known secrets of the 11″ fashion doll and see why it’s become such a valuable magical tool. Then learn to prepare Hot Foot Powder, Four Thieves Vinegar, Goofer Dust, and other magical components specifically designed to obliterate your toughest problems. Most important, though, you’ll also find the tools to protect yourself, your family, and your home from ever being bothered with these sorts of difficulties again. A must have for any Witch’s bookshelf!

 Retail: $28.95 Hardcover / $16.95 Trade Paperback 


Lucinda's Web

Tess Logan knows magic. She knows how it works, why it works, and what it takes to make it work. But that’s not all. She also knows how to make it happen. It’s simply a part of who she is, for Tess Logan — despite all the other attributes that make her such a thoroughly modern woman — is also a thoroughly modern Witch.

No amount of magical experience or expertise, though, could have ever prepared her for this. In fact, she never even dreamed it was possible: A living, breathing set of spells cast more than a hundred years ago with enough stamina to follow her into the present day. Yet, here it is, writhing and twisting with activity, permeating every sector of her life, and slipping its tentacles into the lives of everyone she holds dear. Now, she’s faced with having to disentangle each slippery strand and destroy the magic without destroying those she loves — or herself.

 Retail: $18.95 Trade Paperback 


When trouble comes knocking, Tessely Anne Marie Maher invites it in without a second thought…

On a lovely spring day, violence intrudes on Tess Maher’s world, her best friend, running buddy and possible soul-mate, Chick Donnelly, is shot and killed practically right before her eyes. At first glance, his death appears to be a hunting accident, but she and her brother, the county sheriff, quickly rule that out. Tess is all but certain that Chick is the victim of foul play. As she investigates the crime, she is plunged into a world of murder, greed, betrayal and terror – all of which eventually makes her a target as she works to bring the killer to justice.

But what the person who took Chick’s life doesn’t know is exactly who he’s dealing with: a pissed off, grief stricken, gun-toting woman who is described by her own mother as tenacious as a pit bull with a bone. And that doesn’t even count the fact that she has a peculiar habit of talking to the dead.

Really big trouble is knocking on the killer’s door, and her name is Tess…

 Retail: $18.95 Trade Paperback

It’s not just for Witches anymore

In writing Spell It Correctly, author Tish Owen calls on her two decades of experience reading Tarot and crafting spells for the clientele of her alternative spirituality store. Goddess and the Moon, in Nashville, Tennessee. However, just as important, she draws deeply from her wide-ranging knowledge of various spiritual paths, including the fact that she was raised in the Catholic Church. Written in signature “Southern folk” and often humorous style, she offers an in-depth look at magic, spellcraft and how it works – for everyone, not just for Witches. Spell It Correctly, includes Tish’s own personally crafted, practical spells for everything from ending an addiction to stopping gossip and even help with finding a job.

 Retail: $18.95 Trade Paperback

So you really want to run a Pagan Festival?
Then you need this book.

Chasing the Rainbow is destined to become the quintessential guide for facilitating Pagan festivals. Author Tish Owen draws from over a decade of experience running one of the Mid-south’s largest alternative-spirituality gatherings. In her down to earth and often humorous style, she offers advice and common sense planning techniques that will help to make any festival coordinator’s job a pleasure rather than a pain – be it a small celebration or a large event on a regional scale.

 Retail: $16.95 Trade Paperback


Through humor, warmth, and honesty, Kristin Madden shares first-hand experience and specific details of shamanic healing practices. Drawing on a wide variety of shamanic cultures and modern practitioners, as well as the author’s personal experience of over 30 years of healing, Magick, Mystery, and Medicine provides a unique manual for empowering both healer and patient.

This inspirational book complements any alternative healing practice by guiding readers to:

Learn to use indigenous magickal techniques to boost healing power

Develop the ability to clear intrusions and to heal soul loss

Increase your ability to work effectively with plants and animals

Work with the dying and the departed

Gain insight into advanced shamanic methods never before described

Empower yourself to create success, honor, peace, and well-being

Retail: $18.95 Trade Paperback

Containing general educational exercises blended with basic Pagan concepts and symbols, this workbook presents a wonderful introduction to Wicca for young children. Originally produced as a teaching aide for her grandchildren, Reverend Rieth’s textbook grew into a project, which was home produced in limited quantities and sold at Pagan festivals nationwide by only a handful of vendors–it very quickly became one of their best-selling items. Part grammar school primer and part coloring book, the activities within are designed for children to learn at their own pace without the need for direct supervision while still being fun and entertaining.

Retail: $18.95 Trade Paperback