1. I would like to submit a manuscript to WillowTree Press. How do I go about doing so?


2. I recently obtained a copy of the WillowTree Press title, Harm None: A Rowan Gant Investigation, and spotted several typos. What’s the story?

While this question has not been asked frequently as FAQ implies, we have received a small number of queries and have seen a few mentions of it, which leads us to address it here. Very simply, due to a series of errors, the wrong electronic files were submitted back to the printer after the initial blue line galleys of Harm None had been checked and corrected. Unfortunately, the first print run was finished, boxed, and shipped before this error was detected, the result being several thousand flawed copies of title Harm None. Being a small press, it was unfortunately not economically feasible for us to discard this print run, and the tough decision was made to let the flawed copies be put on the market. Fortunately, the plethora of errors in the initial print run have been graciously overlooked by the vast majority of readers, for which they have our gratitude. The good news is that the popularity of the Rowan Gant Investigations series has grown by leaps and bounds, and Harm None is now well beyond a half-dozen printings. The proper files are being used and errors that plagued the first printing have been corrected. For those of you with flawed copies, better hang on to them, as one of the autographed first editions recently sold for $125.00!

3. I recently read a WillowTree Press title and would like to get in touch with the author. How can I do this?

You can reach any WillowTree Press author by contacting wendy@willowtreepress.com and she will forward your email, or you can do a web search. All of our authors maintain websites and a presence on Social Media networks.

4. I own a bookstore and would like to schedule an appearance of a WillowTree Press author. Whom should I contact?

You may inquire about author appearances by emailing the WTP Author Promotions Group and one of the staff will put you in touch with the author and/or the author’s assigned publicist. The email address is promo_dept@willowtreepress.com

5. I own a bookstore and would like to buy directly from WillowTree Press. Does WTP give discounts?

Because of our working relationships with our distributors, we normally prefer to have bookstores work through one of our national/regional distribution channels such as Ingram, New Leaf, or Baker & Taylor. HOWEVER, WillowTree Press does sell to qualified bookstores who wish to buy direct. To obtain a discount schedule and copy of our terms, email sales@willowtreepress.com or call and request one be mailed to you.  As of 12/01/2012 WillowTree Press has discontinued the direct retailer sales program. Please contact one of the listed distributors to order our titles.

6. How can I contact WillowTree Press in Australia?

We get this question often enough to feel the need to add it to our FAQ. Apparently, there is a Publisher/Company in Australia by the name WillowTree. WillowTree Press, L.L.C. is a U.S. based small press, and is in no way affiliated with this Australian company. We do not carry any of its publications, and unfortunately, have no idea how to contact them.

7. How can I obtain WillowTree Press titles on Criminology, Psychology, and Sociology?

We are getting an INSANE number of calls from Colleges requesting desk copies of various books on Criminal Behavior and Sociology. Unfortunately, we cannot fulfill these requests as we are not the publisher these callers are looking for. We are a small press specializing in Suspense -Thrillers. FICTIONAL Suspense -Thrillers. We do NOT publish books on Criminal Behavior. We do NOT publish books on Sociology. We do NOT publish books on filing methods or business practices. Apparently, there are several other Willow Tree Presses. In the hopes that we can help you find what you are looking for, here is the information we have been able to obtain on these other – wholly unrelated - publishers:

Willow Tree Press Inc
124 Willow Tree Rd
Monsey, NY 10952:
(845) 354-9139

Publisher of such titles as, Restorative Justice: Healing the Foundations of Our Everyday Lives and Contemporary Issues in Organized Crime

Willow Tree Press
Naperville, IL 60540
(800) 453-7148

This is all we found on this particular WillowTree Press.

Willowtree Press, Inc.
8108 33rd Place North
Minneapolis, MN 55427

UPDATE! The Willowtree Press listed above in Minneapolis no longer exists. We recently made contact with Edith Fine, one of the co-authors of File, Don’t Pile for People Who Write. Edith informed us that, Pat Dorff, the author of the original File, Don’t Pile passed away in 2005. Her  Willowtree Press, Inc. was one she formed when she self-published that particular book, and her micro-press is no longer in existence. However, the books, File, Don’t Pile! by Pat Dorff and File, Don’t Pile! For People Who Write by Pat Dorff , Judith Josephson, and Edith Fine can be readily found at Amazon.com.

8. How can I obtain “The Vinegar Books,” “The Lemon Remedy Book,” or “The Baking Soda” book?

See item number 7. WillowTree Press LLC does not publish “The Vinegar Books” nor anything about Baking Soda/Bicarbonate of Soda, or Lemons. Our entire catalog is available via our online bookstore. If you do not see it there, then we do not publish it.

Don’t see your question listed here? Contact info@willowtreepress.com