Submission Guidelines

WillowTree Press, LLC is a small but traditional publisher. We pay royalties based on industry standard scale and acquire projects via an industry standard contract. Advances are negotiable. We use a mix of publishing technologies, whereby our flagship titles, which sell in large quantity, are printed by traditional means, warehoused, and wholesaled. A limited number of our niche titles are produced via POD, but are still wholesaled through normal channels (Ingram, New Leaf, Baker & Taylor, et al) at a standard discount with full return capability just like traditionally printed titles.

Being a small press, we are very selective about the authors we sign and titles we put into print. Therefore, it is best to have your agent contact us with a query. We will, however, accept unagented queries.

To submit a query, please check the submission guidelines and status for the individual imprint that fits your work. The information on our imprints is listed below:


WillowTree Press Books

(Alternative Spirituality Non-Fiction)

WillowTree Press Books is NOT currently accepting unsolicited submissions


Full Circle Books

(Alternative Spirituality Children/Youth)

Full Circle Books is NOT currently accepting unsolicited submissions


E.M.A. Mysteries

(Mystery, Suspense-Thriller, Horror, Paranormal, Dark Urban Fiction)

E.M.A. Mysteries is NOT currently accepting unsolicited submissions



WillowTree Press does NOT accept unsolicited manuscript submissions. This means, do NOT send manuscripts, excerpts, or any other files attached to your email unless directly requested by us, as it will trigger an automatic rejection in our system. Repeat: do NOT send attachments.

Query only, in the body of the email.

Understand that we receive 100 or more queries each day; therefore yours will be read in order with the others. Depending upon volume, email response can be up to six (6) weeks.

Note: If you are an unagented writer and are unfamiliar with how to compose a query letter, may we suggest that you check the following links for information:

How To Write  A Query Letter, Ann C. Crispin / Writer Beware – Geared toward sending queries to agents, but is sound advice for publisher queries as well

Query SharkSample query letters critiqued

These are only two suggestions. There are several other resources both in print and on the Internet.

Thank you,

WillowTree Press Editorial Dept.