Rev. Velvet Rieth And The Buckland Museum


May 8, 2009
Contact: Wendy O’Brien, WillowTree Press Author Promotions Group

WTP Author Brings Buckland Witchcraft Museum To Midwest

Raymond Buckland gathered artifacts and placed them in a collection which ostensibly became the first museum of Witchcraft and Magic in the United States. It was officially opened to viewing in 1968. The collection continued to grow and by the early 70’s was moved, with selected pieces also being loaned to other museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In later years the museum was moved again and eventually languished in storage, unseen by the public.

Reverend Velvet Rieth

More recently, WillowTree Press Author, Reverend Velvet Rieth, was appointed curator of the Buckland Witchcraft Museum. She has undertaken the task of returning the collection to its originally intended purpose – to be viewed as a historical representation, and teaching tool, forĀ  and about Witchcraft and Magic.

Reverend Rieth will be a special guest at the 2009 Heartland Pagan Festival, located at Camp Gaia in just outside of Kansas City, Kansas. She will be overseeing an exhibit of selected pieces from the Buckland Museum while at the event.

For more information on Reverend Rieth’s speaking engagement at Heartland Pagan Festival, visit WWW.KCHSA.ORG

For more information about Reverend Rieth and her WTP Title, My First Little Workbook of Wicca, contact Wendy via email at

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