LATEST NEWS – August 8, 2013

August 8, 2013

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SITE REVAMP: Following a database issue the WillowTree Press website is currently undergoing a makeover. You will notice changes over the next few weeks as we try out different looks and options. Feedback welcome.

CHINESE TRANSLATION PUBLISHED: In September of 2011, the Simplified Chinese Language translation rights for the first three novels in the best-selling Rowan Gant Investigations series were sold. As of June 2013, those three novels are available for sale in China. The other seven current books in the series, as well as the first Constance Mandalay novel are being shopped by our representative in China.

Translation rights for the series as well as our other titles are currently available in other markets. For information check the subsidiary rights page of our website.

Chinese Translations RGI

COVER MAKEOVERS: The covers for the entire Rowan Gant Investigations series were given a makeover in order to apply a congruent theme and update the look.



SPECIAL EDITION: Due to demand from libraries and collectors, the Rowan Gant novels have been released in Hardcover as well as the original Trade Paperback format. The Constance Mandalay novels will follow suit.

SPECIAL AGENT CONSTANCE MANDALAY: The long anticipated second novel in the SA Constance Mandalay series is slated for release February 2014.

MORE MYSTERY AND THRILLS: 2014 will also bring the first book in a new series from our imprint E.M.A. Mysteries. Check back for “clues” about these exciting new books.

SUSPENSE MAGAZINE: Readers of Suspense Magazine have been seeing full page ads for the Rowan Gant Investigations over the past few months as a part of the re-launch of the series with the new covers. Upcoming in the September/October combined issue will be a review of IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER, as well as a special ad for the RGI novels, which will supply a checkout code for a FREE copy of the e-book version of HARM NONE.

More News As It Develops…


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